Regence redesign

I played a major role in defining the new Regence and Asuris themes that we began designing in 2012 and deployed in 2013-2014.

Final designs


The final designs incorporate white space and minimal color to provide insured-members with focused information. Members can now find what they are looking for quickly and easily.


Here's what those same pages and experiences looked like before the redesign.

Early mobile designs

2012 - 2013

While we had the mobile experience in our sights, it was not planned for the initial launch of the redesign. Life Ray and Bootstrap provided us with a responsive design framework, so we began to think about and explore the mobile space when we had the chance. It's important to note that mobile specifications and standards were not used for these design comps.

Early desktop designs

2012 - 2013

Code named 'Amphibian', the redesign of started in mid 2012. Here are a few early design comps that helped us evolve them to the final versions displayed at the top.