As a part of the UX Strategy Team, it was my job to do research that helps improve our user experiences. Registration is a perfect example where we thought we got it right for the 2013 launch only to realize that we actually lost people in the process due to a variety of issues. I was able solve the problem.

Registration design


This is the new and improved Registration experienced I proposed, based on my recommendations.


Research and analysis


My analysis: The form was too long. The input field asking users for the Member ID wasn't forgiving enough. The instructions didn't display for everyone due to inadequate QA testing of our supported browsers. The member ID card example that we relied on for clarification was never found by users.

My recommendation: Pare down the form to the essential information. Allow users to enter the Member ID with or without the alpha prefix. Integrate the Member ID card icon into the instructions. Move step 4 into an onboarding experience that engages the user after registration is completed.

Registration designs


This was the Registration experience we deployed in 2013.

Registration wireframes


Business requirements forced us to continue using a user name to identify a member instead of an email address, which was a major crutch.

Samples of the initial Registration wireframes