Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

'My Blue' Responsive Web Platform

Human Problem: People who have Blue Cross MA healthcare insurance didn’t trust its website because it suffered from a fragmented web experience that spanned hundreds of different domain names with severely inconsistent branding. Additionally, the display of users’ healthcare coverage was neither easy to use nor was it actionable. Despite the trust issue, people still wanted to track care visit costs and pay for bills online with their healthcare financial accounts.

Interaction Design

I need to emphasize that this project was BIG. I was one of three design leads and responsible for the My Financials feature. The API-based solution from the vendor Alegeus provided the means to deploy a seamless user experience at Blue Cross MA.

There were several interations of wireframes that spanned both the web and app projects. I used these early wireframe screens for Invision-based mobile prototypes to demonstrate the experience.

Early Wireframe Screens

  • My Financials Wireframes 1
  • My Financials Wireframes 2
  • My Financials Wireframes 3


  • My Financials Wireflows 1
  • My Financials Wireflows 2
  • My Financials Wireflows 3
  • My Financials Wireflows 4
  • My Financials Wireflows 5
  • My Financials Wireflows 6

Visual Design

I designed the screens to be responsive, which required organizing and prioritizing content into manageable chunks so it was legible in the mobile space. The biggest challenge was weeding out and reducing the volume of copy that was inherited by the vendor.

  • My Financials Final Designs 1
  • My Financials Final Designs 2
  • My Financials Final Designs 4
  • My Financials Final Designs 5
  • My Financials Landing Screen
  • My Financials Account Screen
  • My Financials Transaction Screen
  • My Financials Transactions Details Screen

Design System

The screen designs above complied with a new design system that I created in collaboration with my design lead colleagues for the new responsive web platform.

  • Blue Cross MA Design System 1
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 2
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 3
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 4
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 5
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 6
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 7
  • Blue Cross MA Design System 8


The UX solution for My Financials was approved by Product and delivered to Engineering. Most of the features for the new responsive web platform were deployed but I left Blue Cross MA before My Financials went live.

My Role

  • Prototyping
  • User Testing Support
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes

Collaboration Partners

  • Business Analysts (2)
  • Design Leads + Me (3)
  • Designers (3)
  • Engineering Leads (2)
  • Engineering (4)
  • Product Managers (4)
  • User Researcher


  • Invision
  • Sketch


  • 11 Months (2018)